About Wolfshades

The one reason you may find my blogs highly entertaining:  I’m highly distracted (and distracting, if my mirror is any indication).   Systems analyst/geek by day, actor/writer/musician at all other times.  I love poking people to see if they’ll poke back.

One time I did an impromptu improv act on a crowded bus with a fellow actor.  I turned her into a stripper with a baby at home (no babysitter) and I was her pimp.  This disgusted a little old lady to no end – especially after she learned that we left our (fictional) four-year-old child at home by itself because neither of us wanted to wait for the babysitter.

So….a little warped over here.  You’ve been warned.


UPDATE (May 3, 2015): I’ve been doing NCIS and Criminal Minds TV reviews for TVFanatic.com.

Also, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing cast members from both shows, the latest being Emily Wickersham, who plays Ellie Bishop on NCIS.

Criminal Minds interviews include: A.J. Cook (JJ), Joe Mantegna (Rossi) and Matthew Gray Gubler.

  1. contoveros says:

    You’re crazy man, but got a creative streak a mile long running through you. Don’t cover it up. Let that creativity run wild.

    But call me when you get arrested. We’ll come up with some Defense to appease a judge.

    michael j
    Conshohocken, PA


  2. Sounds like a plan! We’ll build the craziest defense ever. Invite the media, too. Make a real circus out of it.

    (And hope the judge has a sense of humour).

    Oh – and pleased to meet you. :)

    Toronto Canada


  3. Randy says:

    Your posts are great, really enjoy them.

    ummmm … in the first line of your “About” it reads “The one reason you may my blogs”. You may want to insert “find” between ‘may’ and ‘my’. Or not. Your choice :)


    • Hey Randy – *thanks* for that! I’ve corrected it now. (Amazing how many times I read this and never caught that).

      Glad you’re enjoying my posts too. :)


      • NBCThreat says:

        That happens to me all the time where i dont catch it till the third or fourth time through since i already have in my mind what it should be and it just puts it there while im reading. Its like those reading tests about reading a written color in a different color or taking all the vowels out of the text.


        • wolfshades says:

          The only thing I find that works (other than someone else pointing the errors out to you) is reading your post out loud. Seems to be much easier that way. It’s slow though – and I think and write a lot faster than I speak.


  4. wordofabe says:

    Okay, Doug. I’ve got my first post up, but I’m still learning the ropes of this site. I do like it. A lot. Now how do I get blogs such as yours to show up on my Blogroll? Hmmm…


  5. wordofabe says:

    Uh…Oh. I think I just figured it out. *SMACK*


  6. Awwwww!

    Gee you look sweet! (and funny – and clever – and up-beat)


    *happy smile*

    It all makes sense now babe.



  7. umavvs says:

    Hey this is something to be warned about! I’m hooked…


  8. Welcome Lynn and umavvs! Glad you guys are around – I’m always looking for new blogs to read and yours are just the ticket. :)

    Lynn, your use of “friend” as a verb, makes me think of MySpace, where now (since they’ve made their privacy changes) you have to “friend” someone before you can read their stuff. Anyway, that dynamic doesn’t seem to exist here on WordPress so I think we’re all good to go. :)



  9. Hey man, we’re all warped in one way or another.


  10. This warning has got me intrigued…
    Plus that bus story is incredible.
    I approve.


    • wolfshades says:

      Thanks! :) You know, I haven’t done improv comedy for a while, and I’m really feeling the itch to get going with it again. It’s such a rush when the audience laughs hard, and you know you’ve got them.

      Even better doing it in public to an unsuspecting audience though.


  11. jennygoth says:

    can i be in the court room too lol im a little dark n crazy too xxjen


  12. jennygoth says:

    just came to say hi wolf hope your havin a great start to the week xxjen


  13. […] View from A Wolf  is one of the first blogs that I followed, a little on the crazy side. Read his About page to start things off. The rest would, I bet, be […]


  14. Karen Milliorn says:

    Enjoying your blog after tracking you from the Daily where I appreciate your posts (which sound older & wiser than your photo looks—so whose photo did you borrow?) You might enjoy “Random Thoughts”, my husband’s blog at Blogspot (for which I serve as proofreader & occasional target)–the two of you are similarly irreverent (among other things). Keep up the good work!


  15. Karen Milliorn says:

    OK—following his “dismissal” from his job, he took off driving across TX in the Barracuda, headed to meet me at Grandma’s house the other side of the state. However, a damaged fuel line from a minor wreck involving a stopped police car on the far side of a hill on the highway 2 months earlier came to fruition & the hood of the ‘Cuda blew off. He exited the vehicle (with his book, Army field jacket, & rifle) & sat in the cold rain, watching it burn & putting a few rounds into the engine, in frustration. Since it was 1972, he had no cell phone to call us. After a few hours (and after he had wrapped the rifle, which was conveniently equipped with a folding stock, in the jacket) he hitched a ride with a gas tanker truck to the next town & eventually caught a bus. We had Thanksgiving dinner about 24 hours late & continued our whirlwind engagement announcement tour by bus—about 700 miles in 3 days to see all our important family for approval. Who does that these days?


    • wolfshades says:

      Man, what a story! Killing a car just to be with one’s fiance has got to be about the most romantic deal ever. : ) Thanks for sharing!


      • Karen Milliorn says:

        Many people are under the impression that the adventures Mark writes about in his blog are fiction—not so! Life is just one adventure after another!


        • wolfshades says:

          I would imagine (sorry if this sounds rude or harsh) that many who question the veracity of his stories are those who haven’t given themselves over to actually living. And there are a lot out there. Man, that would be such a compelling conversation over a bottle of wine or two, wouldn’t it?


  16. Karen Milliorn says:

    It would, at that! If you are ever in NM, drop in!
    The documentary on lottery winners was made by HBO In 2010 & is called, “Lucky”. (How could I forget that one?) it’s fascinating in a sort of “horrid/fascinating” way (in some cases), although some of the winners did quite well.


    • wolfshades says:

      Ahh! Glad you hunted it down. I began watching it tonight but the wine ran a little ways ahead of me and I couldn’t catch up. So it’s on the schedule for tomorrow. : ) Fascinating stories though, I have to say.


  17. Karen Milliorn says:

    Wolf, I wonder if you have any ideas how we might try to keep the discussion community from The Daily going once that publication goes “dark” after the 15th—it seems a shame to lose such a diverse—though sometimes very contentious—interesting, entertaining,often educational, sort of “organic” entity/society. It’s kind of a much larger modern, free-for-all version of the Algonquin round table—& I think it has something worthwhile, not only for the commenters, but, maybe, for others who may not yet have read The Daily, too. There are some right-wing blog-based discussions, & liberal ones I have seen, but none that have the balance of both right & left that we see here. What do you think? K


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