Crashing the Gates of Consciousness

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Life
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OK I started writing this blog without attempting to title it first.  That will come after, and then you’ll get to see how utterly awe-inspiring my writing can be. 

First off – my hat is off to fellow bloggers Simply Nadia Chyme – who wrote a blog about her writing process and Roger’s Place in Cyber Space, whose email provoked her wonderful blog.  (By the way, those who know me will appreciate the fact that I never flatter anyone.  I try always just to speak the truth.  When I say her blog is wonderful, I mean it.  Go check it out for yourself.)

Nadia’s blog inspired this one, is what I’m trying to say.

So the question everyone wants to know (well, everyone who has followed me here from anyway) is:  dear Wolfie – how do you come up with some of the terrific stuff that you write? 

As mentioned in a earlier blog:  there are about a zillion thoughts that go through my head within a half hour.  I have taken the liberty of saving myself some hard-earned cash – thus avoiding the psychiatrist’s office – by self-diagnosing myself as having ADD.  I think that’s the catalyst for this explosion of thought that comes my way, every day, without fail.  So really, when it comes to topics, there is no dry desert in this noggin of mine.  No, the tough part comes in deciding which shiny thing in my skull is deserving of attention at the moment.

A friend of mine once said: “I’ll bet you could write about anything – even toilet paper.”   Her thought intrigued me, so I decided to try to do just that.  It seemed to work, too.  If you’re willing to make a little bit of a fool of yourself, you can sometimes accomplish Great Things.

Hmm.  That last paragraph provokes another thought.  No surprise, I suppose.  We’ll get back to that thought near the end.

Seriously, though – once you become self-aware, you begin to learn a heck of a lot more about yourself and about people in general, then you ever did when you were just going through the motions of life.  (If pushed, I can explain that thought further, but really it’s another blog).   In real life verbal conversation, I like to blather long and intensely about some of the things I’ve learned.  This does not translate well to a written format, as it can get a bit long-winded or dull.  I like to avoid dullness when possible and in fact when speaking with someone who’s making dull conversation over the phone, I’ll usually find a way to end the call as quickly as possible.  “Sorry, but my toupeé just caught on fire.  I have to go.”  (I don’t have a toupeé, by the way – I have a full head of spikey hair. )

There are times when one of these life lessons seems to jump out for attention so I’ll spend some time thinking of real situations and examples, usually while typing, and so that’s how the process gets started.  Since humour is important to me (bad childhood, multiple siblings, a need for a way to release the bad energy, you can take it from there), there is a tendency to wrap significant and serious situations in a humorous bubble-wrap.   Those who aren’t me can find this annoying; they don’t seem to appreciate the loud noises that attend the process of popping those bubbles.  People sometimes think I can’t take anything seriously.  I like it when they make that mistake: it puts me under the radar, so to speak, and I get to learn more.   (And poke them more, too)

This all shows itself in my writing.  At least, I try to make sure it’s there.  If it isn’t, I’ll scrap the entire blog.  Before you ask – yes, I’ve done that many times.

There are times when I have no idea what to say; times when I just have to write, period.  That’s when it gets really interesting:   I’ll sit down at the computer, click on “New Post” and just start writing.  I have no idea what I’m going to say, either.  It just comes out and I’m either entertained or on the rare occasion, disappointed.  If the latter, then it goes to the trash.  If I can read my blog two times and find it entertaining, I’ll keep it.  In the end, I write for me.

Sometimes the only frustration  is finding the right ending.  It’s possible to write what one believes to be a provocative and thoughtful blog, only to discover there’s no easy way to end it.  Let’s face it: the last thing you read in a good blog is the last line, and if it doesn’t punch you somehow, it seems to lose some of its luster, right?  So it’s got to end well. 

Which of course brings me to the end of this blog, and how to end it.

Remember earlier in this blog – about the seventh paragraph from the top – when discussing my “toilet paper” blog, we talked about a thought I had after that?  Well here it is:

Maybe we should challenge each other, whether we’re here on WordPress or over on Myspace.  Maybe this will help our artistic writing abilities somehow.  Or maybe we’ll just have some fun with it.

Here’s the challenge, then:

You are to write a blog about pencils.   That’s it.  Pencils.   There are no rules for this blog:  it can be poetry or prose, funny or serious.  It can be as long as you like, or you can make a Haiku out of it.  Do it.

And if you choose to take this challenge, in return, you get to challenge me with writing about something.

Go ahead – I dare you.  I double-dog dare you.

  1. Nadia Chyme says:

    Ha! Write about a pencil? Uggh! See, this is where there is such a uniqueness to your writing and your abilities. I just don’t have that much in my head to come up with thoughts of a pencil. Or maybe I’m just…hmmm, you know what? I’ll think on it and get back to you (*I like a good dare..but only if I know I’ll win! Cheezy, huh?). Here’s my favorite line “…there is a tendency to wrap significant and serious situations in a humorous bubble-wrap” — such a visual, makes me want to jump into your head and see what lines those walls!

    Thanx for the shout out too — you are too sweet and kind! My ego is completely replenished (been having some tough times like most folk lately so, well, this has been…healing to say the least!). Thank you so much and looking forward to all your writing stuffage!


    • Hi Nadia.

      Well you certainly know how to write – I think that’s quite obvious. So I don’t imagine you would have a problem with writing about pencils. (Besides, your thought process is already evident and in motion). Can’t wait to see what you come up with. :)

      Don’t forget though: if you decide to go through with this, you have to give me a topic to write about it too.


      • Nadia Chyme says:

        You got a deal. I’m still thinking on it and will get back to you either way. Promise.


        • Nadia Chyme says:

          I posted my “assignment” earlier today. Sorry you didn’t see it…I was hoping you’d stumble across it… Either way, you’re topic: DIRT.


          • Hey Nadia – I’m glad you came back here to let me know. You know – I’ve only been on this particular blogging site for about a week now and am still trying to get stuff sorted out. I thought by adding your blog via “Follow this blog” I’d find your stuff easily but that’s not the case. Does “add to blogroll” do it? (Which I’ve now done)

            Anyway – thanks for the assignment. I’ll get right on that tomorrow. Cheers!


  2. Roger's Place says:

    Thanks for the creds, dude. You do indeed have a way of verbalizing the visuals.

    Have you tried NANOWRIMO?


    • Roger's Place says:

      I pushed the wrong button and left before I intended.

      If you have not tried NANOWRIMO, you would be a natural for it. Google it if you don’t know what it is all about. I will keep your fingers busy for a month if you do it.

      Yes, I know I am encouraging bad behavior. 8)

      I like bad behavior.


      • Wow. I’d heard about the National Novel Writing Month before but had never seen the acronym for it. Think I might have to give it a shot. Thanks for the heads up (and for the ego-boost too). :)

        Nice behaviour is boring.


  3. Nadia Chyme says:

    Hi! So…… I think what you need to do is actually subscribe to a person’s blog in order to get thier postings….wait, you said you hit “follow this blog” so that should work…Hmmm… yeah, I think we’re the blind leading the blind here so maybe we’ll just tinker around till we figure it out? Eeeh, I’m game.

    Well, it was fun to do — a little harder than I had wanted it to be, but a good stretching of the brain muscle so thanks! Sleep well.



  4. ksbrooks says:

    Ah, my pencil…it is the link from my consciousness to paper, and the maker of charcoal-colored smudges on the outside of my hand as I drag it across my writing, since I do hold the instrument wrong. But those are smudges of success, for without words on paper, I would have clean hands. Oh pencil, my pencil…these smudges are why I use a pen.


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