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Posted: June 25, 2010 in Life
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For once, the office was quiet.  Me and my iPad came in and found a seat among the multitude of empty chairs.

The doctor, who was standing by the reception desk looking through medical charts, glanced at me over her glasses and smiled.  I smiled back.

I like her. 

But then, I have a predisposition of goodwill to people who smile at me.

A few minutes later she finished with the file and then motioned me in.  I closed my iPad and followed her into her small office.

The first thing I did was show her my latest toy, like some 10-year old boy, at show-and-tell.  “Check this out, doc!”

And with that, I opened up the iPad and started showing her some of the cool applications.  Like the weather application that shows videos of weather, depending upon the city that you choose. 

I don’t mean videos of news reporters, giving weather reports.  No, these are videos taken of clouds, at cloud-level as the plane races through them.  Or overhead straight-down videos of rain hitting the ground.  Or amazing videos of a full moon, as it gazes over a field, while the wind ruffles the grass.

Most people humour me when I give this demonstration.  I know this (remember my last blog?  I read people, right?  How could you forget so quickly?  Geeze, people.) and I show them the device anyway.  Their patient reactions don’t matter.  I love this thing.  My iPad and I are coming up on our third week anniversary.  I may have to buy something for it, in appreciation.  Or just send it an email.  Maybe a poem. 

Oh my iPad
How ever much  I love thee.
Playing with you always and for too long
Even when I have to pee

(Yeah.  I’ll work on it.)

The doctor didn’t humour me though.  I saw a spark of true appreciation in her eyes.

“Can I use it?”

I beamed.  “Sure!  Go ahead.”  And with that, I turned it completely to her and watched as she smiled and began playing with it.

She tried out different applications, all the time asking me questions.  “How much did you pay?  Are you keeping your iPhone data plan?  Can I use this for my recipes?  I love to cook.”

This appointment had turned a direction that was much more interesting than I had anticipated.

“Well doc, they start out at around $500.  This one has the most storage and has internet access so I paid about $1000.00.  How many songs do you have?”

She looked at me thoughtfully.   “Not many.  Only a couple of hundred.  I don’t do the music thing that much.  I’ll probably only use it in the kitchen.   Wait – do I need a data plan or can I just use it on wi-fi?”

“Well you probably won’t need one with large storage, and yes you can get one that just has wi-fi.”

“Hmmm” she said.  “We don’t have wi-fi in the office but we will have internet soon.”

I could see the wheels turning, as we both sat there in silence.

Her eyes focused back and she looked at me.    Then she smiled again.   “I’m going to treat myself to one of these.”

I couldn’t help grinning back.  “You won’t be sorry.  I promise.”

“And I think I’ll get the large one.”   Her eyes fairly glowed.  “You know – I can get one of my friends to fill it with all of his songs.  He has a massive collection.”

Her excitement was infectious.

My first bona fide convert.   As Barney Stinson would say:  “This is awe…….(wait for it)…..SOME!”

Her normally serious face dimpled in actual pleasure.  It was great to see.

“Now, what did you want to see me about?”

I told her, while thinking the whole time that…..

I’m pretty sure Apple owes me some money now.

  1. Momma Fargo says:

    You had me at iPad. I want one.


  2. contoveros says:

    What did you want to see her about?

    Is this ADHD-type doctor? I thought she was humoring you to see what type of response she would get.

    Can’t convert. I’m practicing Buddhism now. Maybe I’ll get one of them in the next Life, though.

    michael j


    • Just a routine visit to my regular doc. Trust me – when they finally get around to getting me an appointment to see about my ADD, I’ll be going on and on about it here. :)

      Who was it who said “the only way out is through”? You can’ avoid technology michael j – so the only way to deal with it is to embrace it. Your chi will thank you.

      If it ever stops getting distracted from the cool stuff on the internet.


  3. Abe's Blog says:

    You aren’t getting paid? That ain’t right.

    Apple is a genius company, with an excellent marketing scheme. You!

    I hope your appointment worked out alright.


  4. Helen T says:

    I’ve heard of iPad but didn’t have any interest to it.
    As soon as I finished reading this post, I surfed the http://www.apple.com and found all information about iPad. Sure, Steve owes you money.


  5. carmenlezeth says:

    My Woflie — I want to comment, but i have nothing to say! Only that again, I completely understand your love for the iPad. I’ve played with it a bit, but…well, I’m not addicted or needing it at the moment. Now, another pair of Jimmy Choo boots? Well, now we’re talking my language…

    aaah, I will say this though — I love how childlike and sweet you get talking about your iPad. Honestly, whenever I slip on my heels, the last thing I feel like is a little girl though. I feel ALL WOMAN…

    Hmmm..but that’s a whole other blog, huh? ;)

    ~Carmen aka Nadia


  6. suzrocks says:

    I’m still dying for my iPad, damn you! Are they paying you for all this tantilizing promotion or what?? How did the appointment turn out?


    • The appointment was about migraines so it turned out well.

      Suz…you need one of these iPads. Really. The coolness factor alone is worth the money. Plus, you can surf to your heart’s content, which is handy when your workplace firewall restricts you. And I know you’re a voracious reader – I use mine for about 90% reading for books and newspapers. 10% on games and surfing.

      I tried waiting and saving up for mine but…….I just couldn’t. My credit card took a small beating but this is one of those purchases about which I have zero regrets. :)

      Don’t torture yourself any longer. *grin*


      • suzrocks says:

        Seriously, are they paying you? LOL. My biggest concern is waiting for all the glitches to be ironed out before I buy. What’s your take on that? Otherwise, I’m not afraid of an investment if it’s worth it. How do you like it for typing blogs? It appears that it may be awkward, but I’m sure you can explain. I get migraines too. It’s horrible. I know! I hope they were able to help you. For 18 years I’ve been poked, prodded, scanned …etc… and still they haven’t found anything that helps me. Ugh.


        • People have complained that it doesn’t have a camera, and of course it doesn’t yet allow for multitasking (that’s coming in a software update in the fall). I have to scratch my head at the first complaint: the form factor should tell them that it really wouldn’t lend itself to camera activity. Of course they’re probably referring to person-to-person video. My guess is that will be out in the next version. (Apple is a master at keeping certain features back so folk will jump on to the next version. So far, it’s working.)

          I definitely dislike the typing aspect of it. It’s marginally better than the iphone – but only because the keys are larger. I don’t know how they’re going to tackle this, but it really needs a tactile keyboard of some sort. So, I wouldn’t use it to blog.

          For everything else – the reading of newspapers and magazines, games, music and video playback, it’s superb.

          I was only kidding with the hard-sell, Suz. :) I am seriously love with this thing, but don’t really intend to become all evangelical about it. It’ll work for some and not for others. Kind of made me smile that I was able to convince my doctor to get one. Actualy, now that I think back on it, she sort of convinced herself.

          Are your migraines at least decreasing a bit as time goes on? That’s what happened to me. Had some pretty horrific ones in my early twenties. And it’s not as if a change in diet helps any (except that I absolutely canNOT have red wine): I’m at the mercy of weather changes up here. When originally diagnosed my doctor half-jokingly offered to write a note stating that I needed to move to Arizona. He has since died so I can’t ask but I kind of think that if I really wanted to do it, he would have written the note.


  7. Carlos Eton says:

    Fun post. As soon as the iPad’s MIDI programs and hardware become a little more developed I will get one. In the meantime, please accept this contribution to the work you have started …

    Beautiful, wonderful iPad,
    eclipses all beauty and arts,
    especially Windows PCs
    which are as appealing as farts.

    Sorry. I just couldn’t help it.;
    Your iPod yields honor and class.
    You pity your poor PC colleagues
    whose hardware and OS suck ass.


    • Thank you Carlos. Your poem is far superior to mine. I appreciate that!

      (By the way – I deleted your second comment after making the minor changes you had indicated).

      I still have a Windows-based laptop, by the way. However, even though it has Windows 7 on it, I hardly ever turn it on anymore. Which probably says something. Not sure what. :)


      • Carlos Eton says:

        Thanks for the kudos and the editing. I appreciate both.

        As a Linux, Mac, and Windows user, my problem with Windows (besides being bloated, proprietary, and structured for quick obsolesce + 1,000,000,000 other flaws) is how quickly people just default to the Windows hype.

        The big Windows 7 feature being advertised is that you can “snap” your windows to tile them side by side. And, somehow, thus justifies the $399 USD upgrade.? Yes, it manages memory better-but that’s because it had to! Windows Vista really sucked!

        One more thing … please continue writing and making this blog available. It takes a unique type of courage and focus to present your creativity to others and you should be applauded for that!

        [insert applause sound here!]


  8. redriverpak says:

    Who needs the Doc?, I figured the IPAD could diagnose and treat almost everything…:) I so want one of those blasted machines!


    • I know how you feel. In fact, I was going to save a few cheques and buy this outright but…..I just saw it one day at a store, and before I realized what had happened, my credit card was $1000 lighter. (Or heavier, depending upon how you look at it).

      Just couldn’t wait.


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