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Posted: August 20, 2010 in humor, humour, Life, writing
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Hey gang!

I couldn’t look myself in the mirror if I didn’t do my due diligence to the blogging community by forgetting to point out some great writers here.  (I’m not sure if that last sentence had enough negatives in it.  Hopefully you know what I mean. ) 

Anyway – most of you know each other and most of you will see your blogs sitting right there to the right, in the Blogroll section   ===>  

You’re there because I enjoy reading you, and because I don’t like having to hunt around for bookmarks in my multiple browsers. 

You’re also there because you are more than worthy of my admiration, and because I really want others to read you as well.  You should feel good about yourself, now. 

Can I get an A——MEN!

Having said that, there are at least three new additions to my blog-trophy collections.

First, there’s the AcidWoods blog, written by my friend from MySpace, who is known as Art Carcass (*1).  He creates some wonderful photography blogs, and provides some thought-provoking and well, just generally provocative blogs.   Lucky for us, we get to see some of the world around us, through his highly artistic vision.  Frankly, I think we’re the better for it.

Go, Pop. Go! is a blog written by a father.  Anyone who has been a father (or a child of one) can appreciate his humorous(*2)  take on life.

The Whatever Factor is a blog written by someone who is known as “izziedarling”.  (I’d love to name my next baby that, should I be so lucky as to warrant the temporary or permanent use of a wife.   Can you imagine?  “Meet my daughter, izziedarling”  “What?”  “izziedarling”  “Why are you calling me ‘darling’?  We hardly know each other.  I’m Mr. Cooper to you, jackass”)   ANYWAY….her writing is personable and compelling.  She draws you in.  Check out her blog about a couple of doggie playthings.  That’s the one that hooked me.

The Idiot Speaketh , written by a guy who calls himself the Idiot, but is also known as “redriverpak” (someday when I know him better and can ask him this without abrogating some sort of unwritten more, thus condemning me to a social hell of my own making (God help us all), I’m going to ask him what that name means) has some hilarious blogs up, mostly about his family life.  He is no stranger to exaggeration, and thereby manages to pull the mundane into the ridiculous.   I’m all about the ridiculous, firmly believing (against most medical analysis) that it probably keeps those of us who live on the edge from going completely insane.  Unless “insane with laughter” is a problem for anyone.

Finally, I just added Old and in the Way to the blogroll today.   Like redriverpak (you know, the more I write that name, the more I like it.  It fairly flows off of the fingers.  I stare at my navel too much.  I’m also into non sequiturs.  I’m on a horse), this guy – named Sank (and I guess he got there without first saying “hey there’s a hole in my ship, do you think I should worry?” or “hey, the water level’s pretty deep here.  Maybe we should start bailing?” – but went right straight to “sank”) talks about family life, through the lens of a *very* twisted father.  Read his blog today about his adventures with toilets, if you don’t believe me.

There.  I’ve done my duty for today.

Now I get to go to bloggers’ heaven.

(Do they drink wine there?  Do they have iPads?  I have to have my iPad.  It won’t be heaven without it.)

(Um, have I blasphemed already?  And it’s not even Sunday yet)


(*1 – some names aren’t real.  Even if I know the real names, I won’t publish them.  It’s not for me to do so.  Also, it’s not my job.  I like saying “it’s not my job”, because it’s far easier than volunteering to do something.  I hate volunteering. I also hate work.  Work sucks.  Work is for Other People.  People Who – unlike me – actually care.  So there, Alphonsus.  Your name is safe with me.)


(*2 – Yeah, I know you’re not used to seeing “humorous” spelt that way.  You’re probably also not used to seeing the past tense of “spell” spelt as “spelt”  [Gee, wasn’t that last sentence fun?].  Anyway, get used to it.  We use the Queen’s English around here.  We love the Queen.  We love her very much.  So much we’d very much like to spank her.  Spank, Queenie, spank.  Good girl)

  1. The Weddington Adventures says:

    I dig your writing style. Straight in the face with no disgrace. Keep in touch. You inspire me in some strange kinda way. Peace….with 2 fingers:)


    • Hey – really glad you stopped by to read and comment! I’ll definitely keep in touch. (For those reading – check out his blog. Click on “The Weddington Adventures” at the top of his comment).

      “Straight in the face with no disgrace”. Love it. :)


  2. redriverpak says:

    A-Men brother! Thanks for the plug, I truly appreciate it! Your blog is a must-read for me as well. Keep up your good work! To put the mystery surrounding my blogname to rest….. redriverpak is a combo of my favorite place on earth, Red River New Mexico, and my Ukrainian/Canadian/American last name of Pakulak. In my younger days, people not wanting to butcher my name just called me Pak. Thanks again for the plug!


    • There’s a bit of Canadian in you? Awesome! That gives you special status around here – seeing as I’m all Canadian and more. Thanks for explaining your name – now I have another place to put on my list of “places I must visit”: Red River, NM


      • redriverpak says:

        Us Pakulak’s left the Ukraine and then proceeded to invade the area around Winnipeg. A large chunk of the family stayed there and set up permanent residence while others tired of the freakishly cold winters and headed south to Oregon. My branch of the family were some of those that bolted the Great White North. I still cling to my Canuck roots and have a love of Hockey, Moosehead Beer, Bob and Doug, SCTV, The Kids in the Hall, Curling, RUSH, and the twisted desire to someday run down the middle of my Texas street in full Mountie attire! Good day eh?


        • Now you’ve gotten me all nostalgic and stuff. I miss Bob and Doug. And SCTV (although we do have something to take its place, called Second City. It’s awesome. But not quite as good as “High School IQ”).

          And if you’re going to traipse down the middle of a Texas street in Mountie uniform, you have to have a girl named Nell. You do have one, right Dudley?


          • redriverpak says:

            I think to have a true Canuck name, I need to change my first name from Mark to more something like Gord or Garth eh? I shall start looking for a proper Nell asap!


  3. izziedarling says:

    Wolf, thank you so much for your kind mention! Sending you virtual case of wine. You write well yourself, mister! Adding you to my blogroll asap. Happy weekend – you’ve made mine!


    • Thank you izziedarling! Having received the case of virtual wine, I am now well and truly virtually drunk. No worries if I virtually throw up either – I’ll just my virtual mop to clean the floor.

      On my way home from work now to have an actual glass of wine. :)

      Have a great weekend!


  4. artcarcass says:

    Hey ‘shades; very cool of you to go flat out generous like that. Cheers, man. I hope you’re enjoying our little humidity-break in T-dot right now. I’ll be back over the weekend to read about your adventures in the city.


    • For sure, I like the lack of humidity. But the flip side is that I’m starting to feel a definite chill to the air. Haven’t felt that in a while. Not liking that at all. I don’t care how pretty the leaves get.

      Cheers to you too – and have a great weekend!


  5. momma fargo says:

    A—men! Thanks for having me on your blog roll. I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy! Thanks for the new reads as well…love new blogs. And…love, love, Love wine. I’m sure it’s in heaven. Especially the reds. Have a great weekend.


    • NO one relates dialogue like you do, Momma. And I have yet to see the blog that portrays a day in the life of a police person like yours. (Well I’ve yet to see any other police-related blog). Some friends of mine on the Toronto force used to tell me that the “Barney Miller” show was the one TV show that came the closest to how it really is. In reading your blogs, I get that same sense.


  6. Pop says:

    Thanks for giving me a ride in your pimpmobile!


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