I often wonder if one of the reasons the western world will collapse soon is because we’re all a bunch of whiny bitches?

Every where you go, you read about someone complaining about this politician or that one, as if even the President or Prime Minister has the power to actually *do* anything of significance to affect our lives.  Other than f**k things up I mean.

Let’s face it – we’ve become a pair of nations (the U.S. and Canada – don’t even get me started on Europe!) who prefer to blame our troubles on the other guy, instead of ourselves.  We prefer whining to problem-solving.

We sure aren’t our ancient honoured relatives, that’s for sure.  The ones we joke about; the ones who told us about how they used to walk five miles to school during blinding blizzards.  Up hill.  Both ways.

The truth of their state of mind isn’t far off from that though.  They took pride in their accomplishment, and in their hard work and sweat, and they took special pride in the fact that they didn’t look for handouts from anyone.

How far we’ve come, huh?  Now we collectively have our hand out to everyone, and especially the government.  We’ve become entitled nations.  It’s our RIGHT to be affluent.   It’s our right not to have our feelings hurt, too.  About anything.

If John Wayne were alive today, he’d bitch-slap some sense into the lot of us.  I’m sure of it.

So, politicians, in fear for their survival, scramble to cater to our sense of entitlement. The economy is broken?  Well we’d better borrow as much money from China as we can to shore it up.  And oh by the way, WHY exactly is the economy broken?  Well, Virginia, it’s like this:   we as a government didn’t want people not to be able to afford homes, so we just said “listen – you want a home, you got it. Don’t worry about saving up for an adequate down payment; we’ve got you covered.  in fact, we’ll make it a law.  There.  Feel better?”  Then, reality put it’s foot in the door, and this careful entitled house of cards (to mix a metaphor almost to death) came tumbling down.

I’ve been around long enough to have observed a fundamental truth about government.  The best government is the one that sits still and does close to nothing.  They don’t make major changes or try to stir the pot.  They instead just maintain systems as they are.  They are unimaginative and mostly boring.  Such is the state of Canadian politics right now by virtue of the fact that there’s a minority government in place;  the governing party can’t do too much without the consent of at least one of the other two opposition parties.

That’s a good thing.  It keeps everyone honest but most importantly, it keeps them stagnant.

Governments by and large don’t like to sit still.  They worry that the citizens are going to complain that they’re not getting their (entitled) money’s worth.  Trust me, they are.  I would be more glad to pay my taxes if government would just sit down, shut the fuck up, and do nothing.

  1. Chickee says:

    Is that why they quit giving me my government cheese? *sigh* I loved that sticky brick of orange stuff.

    Actually I think you are mostly correct. I do not believe government needs to remain stagnant but I do believe they need to butt out and allow people to work for what they want.

    And the American government needs to remember the definition of the word illegal. hehehe Listen to me whine.



    • Government is good at finding solutions for non-existent problems, I think. Especially here in Canada, where we’re becoming very much a nanny state. Even in our municipal city government is affected. We have an election coming up, and one of the people running for office is a man who is quite a bull. He wants to reduce costs where ever he can, and dislikes spending money on what he thinks are frivolous projects.

      Of course the rest of city council hates him, and hates the fact that he’s got the highest approval rating of all of the mayoral candidates. So do you know what the more left-leaning councillors are saying? They’re saying that if he gets elected, they’re not going to work with him. In effect, he’ll be a mayor in name only. They intend to choose one of their own to be a “shadow mayor” for them.

      Lots of messages here with that noise. The chief one though is this: “we don’t trust the voting public to make an informed decision so we’ll make one on their behalf.” I saw red when I heard that.


      • Chickee says:

        Well that just blows. Typical of people in a position of power to get all high and mighty thinking they are Gods instead of elected officials. In actuality they are our employees and need to be reminded of that fact.


  2. Chickee says:

    Sorry for all the typos. =(


  3. artcarcass says:

    “Amen” to that closing line, Doug.

    And, have you taken a look around at the “choices” we have for the upcoming mayoral election?

    That would be a good night for you and I to go pint to pint for a few caustic chuckles.


    • I agree.

      It’s funny – this is one of the few mayoral races where I’m actually going to give a damn. I mean, I always vote, but this time I’m taking a *much* more involved look at the race, not only for the mayor slot, but for the councillor spots as well.

      The main goal: to find out who among them are disgruntled about Rob Ford, and make sure I vote against them. (See comment to Chickee above for more details)


      • artcarcass says:

        I’ll take a Ford, who at least shows conviction in his platform, over a bunch of knobs who think they can casually circumvent the system that so many have sacrificed so much for, in order that we lucky people get to cast meaningful votes. That irks me, too, big time!

        You know, I’m a fairly patriotic Canuck (I know how good we have it here) but that stupid flag and all the money it’s costing? Case in point about cavalier and wasteful pissing away of tax dollars.

        Rock on, blogger wolf.


        • I hadn’t given that flag much thought but you’re right – it’s horribly expensive and really – can we afford it? Especially when council has to scan their wallets each fiscal looking for cost savings?

          Likely not. Same with the affordable housing for artists. You and I are both artists, but I’m pretty sure, like all traditional artists, we’ll find ways to make money and keep a roof over our heads while indulging our artistic passions.

          An artist who can’t himself fed and housed? I believe they call those guys “failed artists”.


  4. momma fargo says:

    Frustrating isn’t it? The government is not as “with it” as the people. Sad story, but true.


    • Cowards, the lot of them. I understand why they’re cowards, obviously – no one wants to lose their job in four years. No one. Still, it would be nice to see some of them exhibit some back bone and acknowledge some realities. Chief among them: “you *think* that government can fix everything but the sad truth is, we can’t. We have finite resources and we don’t believe in taxing you to death to get more. Some things have to run their natural course.”

      That would be refreshing to hear.


  5. Mary says:

    Great post! It’s the absolute truth…if they would just maintain what was set forth years ago by our ‘founding fathers,’ we’d be just fine….unfortunately, they’re too busy worrying about being re-elected and liked by people more than getting things done or letting people learn responsibility.


    • So true. I suppose it could be worse though, couldn’t it? They could all have the same mindset as Blagojevich.


      • Mary says:

        Ooh, don’t say that…that would be just plain scary. Why, oh why, does he think he’s such a celebrity? That guy, like many politicians, cannot answer a question. When he was on Fox News Sunday…I had to switch channels, he was just so all over the place.


        • I like his haircut and think that every guy who believes he’s cool can’t possibly actually BE cool unless they get a haircut like his. Forget Bieber. Blaojevich is the kind of coiffures.

          (No, I haven’t been drinking today. Why do you ask?)


          • Mary says:

            Well, it’s different…I’ll grant him that….I mean, if you want to be lumped into the same category as Trump.

            Bieber….if I was his mother, I’d putting some hairspray on that and yell, “stop whipping your hair around…” but I am sure he’s thankful I’m NOT his mother.

            I didn’t ask about the drinking…that is just part of your charm. That line cracked me up.


            • If I were Bieber’s dad, we’d set up an appointment with the local barber and schedule him for a military buzz cut, pronto. Oh, and I think I’d take his smart phone away and change the password on his twitter account too. Geeze, Louise but the kid is full of himself.

              I’d probably give him lots of fodder for his upcoming “memoir”. :) :)


  6. Abe's Blog says:

    Hey, that’s my choir you are preaching to!


  7. redriverpak says:

    Great! I agree 100%!! I think that we are getting real close here in the US to changing our National Anthem to just 3 minutes of non-stop babies crying…… It’s gotten pretty sickening.


    • *laughing* Can you imagine?

      Here in Canada, the ruling minority party is the Conservatives. Like their name, they have a cautionary, conservative outlook on things. Yet, in order to bend over backward to the crybabies in the politically correct cribs, they briefly toyed with the idea of changing some of the words of OUR national anthem to remove what they thought might be seen as a sexist viewpoint.

      The roar of disapproval from the citizenry soon became apparent and they abandoned the idea.

      Yeah, it’s *that* bad here.

      I remember a worse situation that happened at the provincial (state) level several years ago. There was a proposed law on the books which would have allowed a segment of Canadian society to be governed by Sharia law. This, to appease some of the Muslim population here. Now that was fucking ridiculous, beyond belief. Fortunately a few Muslim women got up and proclaimed their opposition. Loudly.


  8. contoveros says:

    Wolf for Prime minister. Hell, let’s make him Pope, for Christ sake!

    michael j


    • I humbly accept.

      First order of business: all politicians have their pay reduced to the level currently being paid to McDonald’s managers. Better than minimum wage, but not so grand as what they’re getting now. The intent: to encourage those who would only enter politics for altruistic reasons to do so.


  9. Oh gawd Doug, thank for writing this! You want to hear whyners, come to BC! Ontarians don’t hold a candle to BC’ers for whyning about/to the government.

    BTW, the minumum wage in BC is $8.00 per hour … student “training” wage is $6.00 per hour. Hasn’t been increased since the mid-90’s. The politicians think that’s fine. Their last pay hike a couple years ago was 30%.

    Wait …… am I whyning?!? Must be contageous ;)


    P.S. – I have to refer to myself online as Randall D Hawes now because “Randy Hawes” is the Minister Of State For Mining in the BC Government, and that’s not me. Try to live with that hanging around your neck! :(


    • Still, I have to admire B.C. for getting off of their asses to protest when they don’t like what their government is doing, instead of whining to each other over coffee. Don’t know how successful you guys will be, though (with the HST thing). Still, it’s encouraging to see some social action for a change.

      I would *hate* to have the same name as a politician. That would totally mess up my Chi.


      • ( Huh .. I was using the “y” spelling, looked it up, no go .. but I did find whinging ! )

        IMHO, that anti-HST thing is the epitome of whinging .. it’s just politicking, the NDP trying to knock off the Libs .. blech

        At least the price of booze went down when they introduced the HST! Cheers!



  10. sweffling says:

    Do get started on Europe, I’d love to hear what you have to say about us!

    I reckon you would like Australia, they have a non-whine culture I believe: all those years of calling us Brits “whinging poms”. I’m not sure if the title was deserved originally but I would go along with it now. I’m fed up hearing about ‘rights’.


    • Well the thing is: I can’t really talk about all of Europe because I don’t know how much in the way of a sense of entitlement each country shares with the other. I only know about France – a country I love to pieces. Except for the constant barrage of strikes. There is such a thing as taking things too far. Bottom line is that everyday life is entirely reliant upon the mood of the day. If someone gets pissed off about the temperature outside, it seems that a job action is called for. The epitome of “whining” in my book. (Still, I can’t wait to get back there)

      Greece is another country which has come under the spotlight during the past year. They have (had) an amazing retirement program, which Germany quite rightully doesn’t want to support. The whole dynamic of that country’s finances were unbelievable (and very much unsustainable).

      So tell me what it’s like in the British Isles. I’m eager to know. My impression has always been that the whole lot of you are hard-asses, unwilling to bend to any of your enemies, and even refusing to admit injury – lest it give the other guy something to brag about.


  11. umavvs says:

    hahaha..that reminds me of one of our own prime ministers, p v narasimha rao, who was famous for doing nothing if he could help it…it’s an art…you need to learn to meditate on the fly on your nose! learn from the wise east!


    • I honestly hadn’t heard of Mr. Narashimha Rao before you mentioned him. Had to go look him up on wikipedia. Sounds like he was a remarkable man, entirely involved in elevating India from a state of near bankruptcy. And you say he made a point of doing nothing. *grin* I need to know more about him!


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