Pink is Cool

Posted: April 1, 2018 in anxiety, humor, Life, mental health
“I want you all to close your eyes. Now. And no peeking.”
She waited, as all of us in the anxiety disorder group obeyed her instructions.
“Now, for the next 60 seconds I want you all to think of nothing except a pink bunny rabbit.”
I knew where this was going. She would shortly tell us to now think of anything *except* a pink bunny rabbit, thereby proving to us that telling anyone to stop thinking about things that make them anxious almost never works.
But for now we were in the first part of the exercise, thinking about a pink bunny rabbit.
I was bored.
So I added some details to my pink bunny rabbit.
My pink bunny rabbit was a little bigger than bunny rabbits. Not much, just a little bigger. And it sat there, munching away on something, its nose twitching back and forth (as they do).
Suddenly, a large snake appeared. It slithered toward the pink bunny rabbit, its tongue flickering in and out, testing the air. Smelling the pink bunny rabbit.
The pink bunny rabbit appeared to not notice it. It didn’t move, didn’t start in alarm. It just sat there with its nose twitching, always twitching.
The snake slithered and stopped. Then it raised up and reared its head back. And just when it was about to shoot forward, the pink bunny rabbit’s jaw opened up, wide, wide WIDE and it lunged at the snake and captured it in its maw, swallowing the entire snake whole.
I smiled, pleased and proud at my mind’s juvenile creation.
Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a difference. The opposite of anxiety, right over here.
Happy Easter everyone!
  1. LOL! Oh my God… didn’t see that coming! Too funny Wolfie. And now, thank you — I’m sure I’ll be having nightmares of monster pink bunnies eating snakes! Great! Hahahaha! Happy Easter my friend.

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  2. whiskeyandmerlot says:

    This will really help with the out of control snake situation.

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  3. darlenebloggityblogger says:

    LOL at your imagination. It reminded me of how I used to amuse myself during long and boring staff meetings at work. I sometimes imagined each one of them sitting there naked and then I giggled to myself a bit when I thought about how they would each feel if they knew what I was imagining. I think a funny imagination is a healthy thing.

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