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The Art of the Impossible

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Life
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The first time he tried, there was only frustration. Awareness tickled him, promising exhilarating possibilities, teasing him as he tried and tried, only to fail.

Months later, he tried again. And this time, his feet actually left the ground. A grin escaped him, as others around him watched in disbelief. It lasted only a few seconds before he became gravity-bound once again. Though he tried and tried, he wasn’t able to do a repeat performance. The momentary freedom proved the point: the potential existed, and it was real.

A few months went by, and then once again, it happened. He was in the place of possibility once again. This time, he *willed* himself into the air. The wind in that place was blowing strong, and he just simply…..lifted into it.

He didn’t go far. After all, his success was tied to the wind, and it was fickle at best. Yet, a few yards was all it took. He was delighted and amazed. He told his story to only one other person, certain that most others would think him a little crazy.

The other person shared his joy. One reason for that was because it happened to her as well.

The next time it happened, he was ready. This time, there was no wind. He realized he didn’t need it. He stood there, waiting.

And then it happened.

He…..rose. Almost straight up.

His rise was fast, and he felt his stomach drop.

He watched the buildings below get smaller as he lifted himself into the air. He looked and he saw others trying to rise as well. His ability provoked them. He smiled in absolute wonder.

And then, after going no where, he came down.

The next time it happened, there wasn’t any doubt. He lifted into the air, and this time, he flew. This time he had places to go, and he went. He willed himself to fly faster, and he could feel it in his back, as he pushed forward faster and faster. Others were with him, and together they flew in exhilaration and joy.

Each time this happened, he woke up, in bed, in wonder and thought. One dream about flying is good. Another is coincidence.

Multiple dreams about flying? He didn’t know what it was. “A blessing, I suppose” he thought.

A few weeks later, he wasn’t dreaming. He was in a large auditorium, and he was wide awake, when it happened. He had that feeling once again. Imminent possibility. A knowledge, an ability about something utterly impossible.

He felt it in his back. A sensation that was too unreal to be believed. Yet there was a kernel of belief, a sense that if he tried, he could do it.

So he tried. With all of his might, he attempted to lift.

He didn’t move. But that didn’t stop the belief.

He believed he could; and that it was only a matter of time.

He also believed that if he told anyone, they would think he was crazy.