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As I woke up after the dream I even had the title for the resulting blog all picked out.  Too bad I fell back to sleep before getting a chance to write it down.  It was a good title.  You would have loved it.

David Duchovny was in the dream.  He plays a character named Hank Moody on the awesome show “Californication”, and I think that’s the character he was playing in the dream.   (Ok before we go any further I want to go completely on record here.  I’m straight.  As straight as an arrow.  Straighter than your redneck farmer, the one with the double barrel shotgun, and the gorgeous daughter.  Straighter than a shot of Johnny Walker.   Not a gay bone in my body.  The only bone that was ever near my mouth was a spare rib.  Barbequed and delicious.  Hell I don’t even eat bananas.  What would the neighbours think?  So the fact that I dreamt about David Duchovny means nothing sexually.  Ok?  Got it?  Can we carry on now?  Good.)

I think he was playing a piano or something.  And singing.  And I believe the music was a tango.  I’ve never heard of anyone putting lyrics to a tango but then, I don’t get out much.  Anyway, he had created this piece of music and had just finished when I walked up.

“That’s pretty good.”

He looked at me.  “Makes you want to do me, doesn’t it?”

I didn’t even smile.  “Yeah, not that good.”

He snickered.  “Let’s go.”

With that, he got up from the piano and we headed outside to his car.  He threw me the keys.  “You drive.”

I got in.

I forgot where we drove, frankly.   It was a long drive, that’s what I remember.  We talked about a lot of things.  (Man, I *wish* I’d written it all down as soon as I woke up).   I’m guessing the topic of women was in there.  I’ve yet to be with a buddy where that topic didn’t come up.  It seems to be the one subject that we all have in common, the one item of interest that will capture our attention.   Makes sense, when you think about it.  If it’s true that we think about sex every seven seconds.  I’m not sure it’s true, but I do know we think about it.  A lot.

During the drive I noticed that his brakes were pretty spongy, and that I had to pretty much stand on the brake pedal before it would come to a complete stop.   We pulled into a crowded parking lot, and I managed to find a spot and park without hitting anything.  I remember feeling relieved.

After I turned the car off, we just sat there, still talking.  The subject got around to what’s important in life.

“I love my car” he said.  “I love everything about it.  The way it shines, the curves, the sound of the engine when I’m leaving some other motherfucker in the dust behind me.”

I didn’t share his love for his car.  Not a bit.   The thing would go all right.  It just didn’t care too much for stopping.   When it did stop, it did so reluctantly, and you could feel the engine wanting to pull away.

We sat there quietly, lost in thought.  I considered everything.  I thought about my family, my friends, my music.  Didn’t even give one thought to my job though.

“Music”, I said.

“What about music?”

I thought for a second.  “If I lost the use of my arms and legs, and if I couldn’t see or hear, I’d still have music”  I pointed to my head.  “That’s the one thing I couldn’t live without.”

He nodded.  I didn’t need to elaborate.  We both knew exactly what I was talking about.

I considered some of the dates I’ve been on recently.  Some people will tell you that if their date doesn’t like dogs, or cats, then they know they haven’t found a match.  I suppose I think  the same way too.   But one of my dates (a year ago) also said she doesn’t listen to music.   She could take it or leave it.   I realized then that we would probably not get along too well.  Music is too much a vital part of the core of who I am.  It’s like a language that I use to converse with people, with my environment.  I’m always looking around to add to my music vocabulary.  Take music away and I feel like I’ve lost a limb.

Yeah.  Gotta love music if you’re going to play with me.

Duchovny  looked over me.  “Let’s get out of here.”

Swallowing nervously, I started the car up and looked around carefully before attempting to back out of the crowded parking spot.  I have no idea why we even parked there in the first place if we had no intention of leaving the car.  As we backed out, I heard the slightest sound of metal on metal.  I glanced at him and then looked back, trying to find an opening.

I remember finally seeing the opening and putting the car back into drive again and moving out of the parking lot.  I wondered if he would want us to stop so we could survey the damage.

Fortunately, it was just then that I woke up.

  1. Based on my vast experience in the interpretation of dreams, I would say the following things:

    – You don’t want to be seen as gay
    – You care if people see you eating a banana
    – You love girls
    – You love music
    – You have a secret desire to move to California

    Conclusion – You MUST move to California and start a band…with all the other members being women… so you can forget about your job… and those darn bananas.

    And Live Your Dream. 8)


  2. suzrocks says:

    As you know, we share those feelings on music. The way you described it was was perfect. I love the funny twist of the Dave dream. I know you’re a fan. He is pretty damned good. Good thing you woke up before the surveying… lol. Great blog. You don’t even need me to tell you why I loved it! XOXO


    • *smiling*

      I’m just guessing here but I think David’s character on Californication is about as close to his real character as it gets. I wasn’t that much of a fan when he was doing X-Files or Red Shoe Diaries but…..that show is THE best show ever to hit the TV screens. It caters so well to my wayward focus and (oh man, this is going to sound sick) it kind of resonates too.

      Sort of a lazy smile at the world.

      If I could, I’d live out my days just listening to or creating music. All the freaking time.

      I’m going to, too. Just have to find a way to make it happen.

      P.S. You know the fictional book that Hank Moody wrote? (It’s called “God Hates Everyone”) Guess what? It actually exists. The writers of the show made the effort. And I bought it. And it rocks – just like the show.


      • suzrocks says:

        I will have to find that book. Sidenote; I’ve been downloading my entire music collection to the PC (yes, I was living in the dark ages for years before breaking down & doing this) Anyway, Once I catalog it – perhaps you would like to peruse for a possible request or 2? I love sharing music. Oh, and if you’ve ever read or seen the movie “High Fidelity”, the main character is a male version of me… it’s scary how much alike we are. Think you’ll dig it.


        • I’m not at all surprised you’re still up at this hour. :) Obviously I am too. Currently listening to the Tragically Hip (Awesome Canadian band). Yes, – I would love to look through your collection. How are you indexing?

          My collection is entirely in iTunes. You’re welcome to what I have too. I’m all over the place: rock, some hip hop, some jazz, a lot of alternative, you name it. (no country though. Sorry.) *laughing*


  3. Just Me says:

    That was good. It’s clear even to me that music is a big part of your life and is something you should try to focus on. Do what you love right?

    I’m impressed you can remember that much about your dream. I usually have about 5 seconds after I wake up until I’ve completely forgotten every single aspect of what I dreamed about. Which is a shame because I swear some of them are pretty interesting.


    • You’re right on the money, JM. I’ve never heard it put that way before but it’s so simple: do what you love. I love music. And like you say – it’s something I need to focus on.

      I don’t usually remember any of my dreams, but this one was so good that when I woke up, I felt myself smiling and so that made me remember.


  4. Singing does it for me. i can do any chore if I can sing along with good music, or simply making up words to go along with the melody to an old song. Vibrations get created that is cause happy feelings to arise. Never did anything really bad when I had been singing. Always felt too good to be bad.


    • I do that too, Michael! And (looks around) I also dance around a bit when I’m at home alone and the music’s playing. *shrug* Music just means that much to me.

      I like how you put it, too. Never did anything really bad when you were singing. I don’t even know how it’s possible. Certainly isn’t for me either – you just get so caught up in the music there’s no choice but to experience an upbeat.


  5. wordofabe says:

    Yep, this was your brain telling you, “Get on it! Buy that Korg and start playing, man!”

    I’m going through a similar prompting with my music. I am now trying to determine how to find excellent musicians to help me when I live in a town of 2,000.

    I think it’s all going to come together for you. Have you ever noticed the power that your brain has–your desires? At least for me, if I get an idea in my head that I want to do a certain thing, it ends up happening eventually. How about you?


    • I wonder about that. There’s so much I want to do, with limited time and funds to do it all. So I haven’t experienced the success that you have – probably because it requires focus on one thing at a time. That’s not an excuse – but it’s a reality. I’m really hoping to turn that around.

      At least, I know that buying a piano is sufficiently high enough on the priority list that it’ll get done.


      • wordofabe says:

        I can appreciate what you say, for sure! I have the same problems: limited funds, too many interests, and limited time. It is not difficult for me to get excited about doing something, but it is very difficult for me to not get distracted by something else even cooler! It’s a problem. I think the piano will be good therapy for you. Buy it.


  6. Randy says:

    My favourite passtime lately is building Playlists on my YouTube accounts (I have 3 … don’t ask). I make up these zany titles for the Playlists, titles that no-one will ever search for on YouTube, and then I delve deep down inside YouTube to find music to fill the Playlists.

    The biggest problem is … I’ll find a tune that I know belongs on one of my Playlists, but it’ll be on another account, so I have save the video address, log out of that account, log in to another account, then call up the video again, and save it to the Playlist. Then I’ll just carry on in that acount, and repreat the above. For hours … LOL

    I am crazy


    • You are crazy. But sanity is highly overrated. It really is.

      I have a list of playlists in iTunes that’s about a mile long. Some of them contain the same songs. Quite often I almost make the mistake of re-buying the same songs. Fortunately Mr. Jobs was kind enough to build in a warning in iTunes for when that happens. You get an alert saying “you already bought this. Do you want to re-download it?”) Something like that.

      He has saved me lots of money.


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