Posted: June 15, 2010 in ADHD, Life
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Ever since Steve Jobs started talking about the iPad (well, even before that) I have drooled for that thing. 

Consequently, the Life Priority List changed, just a bit:

1. Food
1. a) iPad
2. Clothing
3. Shelter
4. Transportation

Last Friday I walked into Future Shop.  Can’t remember why.  But I saw a big iPad display sitting there, all shiny and sparkling.  And it wasn’t even real.  It was cardboard.

I wiped my face, and turned to the nearest sales guy.  “So.  You have any 64 GB 3G iPads in stock?”

“I don’t think so.  Let me check.”

He checked.

“No.  But we should be getting in some more tomorrow.  Apples sends its shipments to us every so often and tomorrow they’re scheduled to send us another one.”


“I can take your name and number and send you a text if they arrive.   What do you think?”

Still disappointed, I said “sure” – and gave him the details.

The next morning I was downtown having breakfast and suddenly had a thought.  There are a bunch of Future Shops around town, and they have a great website where you can specify what you’re after, and it’ll let you know which stores have it in stock.  I quickly did the deed and found one store in Toronto that had one.  So I paid the bill and off I went.

The Apple girl was cute.  That’s the first thing I noticed.  And she was excited.  Not about me, of course – just my business. 

(The business about buying an iPad. Geeze.)

When I told her what I wanted, her bright smile disappeared behind a disappointed frown.  “Oh I’m sorry.  I think we’re all out.”

I said “OK” and turned to go.

“Wait.   Let me check with one of the Future Shop guys.  Just to be sure.”

I shrugged, and waited, while Jeremy (I think that’s what his name was) grabbed a key to the storeroom.

A minute or two later he came out.  “Here.  It’s the last one.”

And there it was, too.  A 64 GB 3G iPad.  Top of the line.

I felt like a 1950’s guy, all happy about his Mercury. 

Or that father in “A Christmas Story” – all excited about his new prize:  a leg lamp.

Or like Ralph from the same movie, with his Red Ryder BB gun.

Truly, the iPad was a thing of wonder.  A brand new technology, and there it was, sitting in my hands.  I remembered how so many people at work knew I wanted one.  Every day since it came on the market, they’d asked if I had one yet.

And now I did.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go right home until several hours later, so asked if I could set it up right there.  They said “sure”.

Later that afternoon, when I was at the ADHD workshop, I took it out and flipped it on so that I could take notes.   When someone several rows back gasped “it’s an iPad”,  I smiled, knowingly.

I took it to work with me yesterday, and showed it off to everyone.  Even people I didn’t know came up to watch as I demoed some of the cool apps on the thing. 

There was one thing I hadn’t counted on though.  One little detail in the experience that just never occurred to me.


It’s not like my e-book reader, which I didn’t mind leaving out on my desk.

This puppy is *expensive*.  Also, it’s cool.  There was no way I was going to leave it sitting around. 

Hence, like a little puppy, it follows me everywhere. 

Losing it or having it stolen (which is the same thing) would suck so bad.  Almost as bad as losing my iPhone.

Last week I went to the movies, and at one point had to leave to use the washroom.  For some strange stupid reason I decided to check my email.  (Yes, *before* I actually did my business).  Instead of sticking it back in my pocket, I left my iPhone on top of the TP dispenser.  I remembered thinking “better make sure I put it back in my pocket before I leave”.

I finished up (all the while distracted by a host of different thoughts) and washed and went back to the movie.  There was some pretty cool music playing and I wanted to use one of the iPhone apps to “listen” to it, so that it could tell me the name of the song and the artist.  I reached into my pocket and……..

I jumped up and made a mad dash for the washroom.  There were dozens of people between me and the place, all just getting out of another movie.  I ran into the washroom and opened the door and….there it was.  Right where I left it.

Heart thumping hard, I walked back to the theatre, grateful and shaken.

So maybe you can understand that there’s some residual angst around owning these things.

I picture some Buddhist master grabbing the iPad from my hands and intoning “son, you don’t own this.   It owns you.”

And I picture myself grabbing it back and saying “yeah, fuck you, Master.”

Still.   It is a thing of beauty.  Isn’t it?


  1. Jay Bird says:

    Well, I am planning on getting the iPad Nano, I mean iPhone when my cell phone contract hits its two year anniversary at the end of July. I have to admit, the iPad does look very shiny and sexy but somehow I just can’t seem to see myself buying one. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I am going to have a difficult enough time as it is with saving up for school and getting an iPhone while still eating and paying for my summer festival season. Being an artsy fartsy hippie in Edmonton is a lot of work doncha know. XD Besides, I’ll have a hard enough time living down buying an iPhone. I think my circle of friends might disown me if I were to get an iPad.

    But I have to ask, how is it for taking notes on? After all, one of the main appeals of my laptop is its usability in class…


    • I wish I could offer up its notetaking capabilities, as a means of justifying your purchase of this for school. But, well, it’s just not that great. I don’t know what kind of engineering is involved but they’ve yet to perfect the typing technology to make the iPhone or iPad useful, really. I type about 100 words per minute (last time I checked) but with the iPad, you pretty much have to peck your way through things.

      I’ll say this though – it’s marginally better than the iPhone.

      For classes (and I really hate to say this) you’re probably better off with a network or small laptop. I want to be able to type documents wherever I go. Which is why I’m now saving for a Macbook Pro. (I have a Windows laptop at home, but it’s just not cool enough.)

      (…..wait…..they have artsy-fartsy hippies in Edmonton?…..)


      • Jay Bird says:

        I didn’t think that it would be any good. I figured that it had about the same capabilities as an iPhone in terms of typing. Ah well, can’t really afford it anyway. :P

        And you bet there are artsy-fartsy hippies in Edmonton! You don’t hear about it much out east but we’ve got a reputation as a festival city. Starts with Nextfest, the art, dance, music and theatre festival that runs for 11 days and just ended and carries on past when the snow falls. The city kind of sleeps after New Years until Nextfest but other than that it’s street performers, musicians, actors and painters all over the joint. It’s nice here because the energy is so positive and not as competitive or pretentious as what you’d find in say, Vancouver. It’s still for the love of the art here. Honestly, I wouldn’t live anywhere else.


  2. carmenlezeth says:

    Wolfie! Good for you — I love when the simpliest things make us sooooooooooooo happy! I’m not an iPad “efficionado” but it’s the same thing with me and…..wait for it….shoes! The Buddhist Master would say the same to me: “You are owned by your Jimmy Choos sweet Carmen…you must let them go…to have real fulfilment.” And even though I wouldn’t be as…oh, what’s the word: HONEST with my wording as you, I’d definitely think between enlightment and my gracing the floor with my fabulous 4 inch heels! I think enlightment can wait. I’m not sure I’ll always be able to “sa-shay” in my Jimmy Choos or Manolo’s so I might as well enjoy it now!

    Happy iPad baby! ;)


    • *ear-smile-ear* Hey thanks, Carmen! I’m with you. Enlightenment can bite me. For now, anyway. :)

      Thanks for putting “Jimmy Choos” into context. You mentioned them in one of your blog comments in reference to your other blog, and I had no idea what you meant (and it didn’t occur to me to ask). I thought “Jimmy Choos blog? Jimmy Choos? What about Nadia?”

      But then, some other “shiny-ball-ADD” thoughts occurred and I moved on.

      Got it now though! Jimmy Choos = shoe brand type. Damn. I ARE smart. :D


      • carmenlezeth says:

        You IS smart beautiful! Hahahaha! Hint: Nadia’s picture on her FAQ page are a pair of Jimmy Choos — my apologies for assuming everyone knows (silly me!). But the point is still the same: pleaurable items — or as I call them “necessities” outrank “enlightment” — at least in these occassions!

        I guess I’ll meet you in hell or purgatory or wherever the un-enlightened end up, huh? Works for me!



  3. Mary says:

    Enjoyable post as usual. When I saw the title of ‘iPad’….I knew I had to read right away. I have an iPhone. I may have mentioned it before but I’ve never really been one to jump on technology.. True story as I just got my iPhone last August. I didn’t need it…but of course now, I can’t live w/o it. I have had my eye on an iPad but when it comes to portable computers, I’m thinking I may have to pass. The iPads are sleek, fun, portable, etc….but I type fast too and am having a hard enough time trying to slow down when sending a text message on my phone…so I know it would drive me crazy to not be able to type fast. When I’m ready to get a new laptop, I see myself getting a netbook/notebook…whatever the hell they’re called.

    But hey, nothing against your new little gadget…..they are definitely one of those gadgets that makes you take a second look and you can’t help but be drawn to them….


    • You make a great point about the typing aspects of it. I read some of these comments last night on it and wanted to comment but knew I’d be too impatient with the typing…..I knew I’d be forever going back and correcting stuff, and that just drives me nuts.

      Have to admit that I love the workarounds though. For browsing the web – well, I have an Apple MobileME account which allows you to sync your bookmarks between all of your computers and your iPhone and iPad, so that saves me a lot of time. In fact, now that I think of it, I can’t remember the last time I physically typed in a web address anywhere. Usually I’m clicking on a link someone else provided, or I’m grabbing a bookmark.

      I have a subscription to a newspaper which I now read on-line every day with the iPad. And best of all- it’s an excellent e-book reader. I’m already at the point that you are with your iPhone – I don’t think I can live without it.


  4. Hee hee hee…

    Damn you are adorable – just sayin’.



  5. Just Me says:

    Yes, please do not lose that thing!!! I can just imagine the horror you’d feel….the many thoughts racing through your brain. It’s giving me the shivers just thinking about it!

    I’m thinking about getting my girlfriend an iPad, because she’s not a big computer person but, I think it would be perfect for what she would use it for. Now the only thing in my way is, is it worth spending that much money on a “computer” for someone who doesn’t like/use computers normally???

    What’s your review so far, since you’ve actually had it for a couple days?


    • I still love it – a lot! Mostly I use it as an e-reader though – for books, magazines and my daily newspaper. And I get to use it at work, to get to sites that are overly-restricted by the corporate firewall. Plus, if I get bored while participating teleconference (which happens a lot!), I can while away the time playing a few games.

      I don’t know if it would suit girlfriend or not. If you can find a friend who has one, it might be a good idea to see if you can work it so that she can play with it a bit first. Or wander into an Apple store and do the same.

      I’ve seen one person who was totally anti-computer finally pick up one, after her boyfriend introduced her to an iMac. She discovered she didn’t hate computers after all – she just hated Windows, with its incessant asking of techie-type questions that she didn’t understand and had to call me up to answer all the time.

      Of course any Mac is going to be just a little bit more expensive than an iPad but…….

      If she’s into typing a lot of emails and texting and stuff, the iPad might not be for her. Basically it’s the same typing experience as you would get on an iPhone. Those screen keyboards leave something to be desired. An experienced touch-typist probably needs a tactile keyboard.


      • Just Me says:

        I’m thinking that she’d be using it for similar things to what you described. Reading, games, web browsing, simple things.

        I don’t think she’d no where to begin with a computer, windows or mac. Too many options for things she has no interest in and no idea what it does.

        I’ll have to get her to try one out at some point and see how she likes it. Thanks!


        • Let me know how it goes. I’ll bet she falls in love with it at first glance.

          That’s been my experience lately, even with strangers who would otherwise not go for one of these things. Like the two girls on the subway last night. :)


  6. MousE says:

    You lucky dog.



  7. Chickee says:

    Sooo… ummm.. yeah. Anything that involves 3G in my neck of the woods would be called a paper weight. *sigh* My blackberry has never even had the 3G light come on. LoL

    I’m happy that you get such excitment out of something so simple. I got all excited when I found out netflix would stream movies. LoL I’ll use that as my comparison. =)

    I’m sort of scared of anything dealing with mac, I’ve never even used a mac computer. omg! I know. LoL

    =) Chickee-doodles


    • My daughter hated computers. HATED them with a passion. Every time she had to use one, she would call me up, complaining that it was asking her questions again. Geek questions that she had no idea how to answer. “The IE application would like to contact 124.384.42.52.45. Do you wish to continue? Y/N”

      She was going to be a Luddite forever.

      Until her boyfriend introduced her to the iMac. She fell in love with it right away, and finally determined that it wasn’t computers she hated. It was Windows.

      I’m an IT guy by profession, so I well understand her pain. What’s more – there are hundreds of us IT guys supporting our organization of about 38,000 users, all of whom are using Windows computers. And most of the IT guys I know either own a Mac or want one.

      I now own one myself and use it exclusively – even though I have a Windows 7 laptop at home. The latter gets turned on once every couple of months, long enough to grab a file I need – plus 25 minutes more to allow it to do all of its updates.

      So there. You need to own a Mac, is what i’m trying to say. *grin* Or not.

      I would *love* it if Netflix were to come to Canada.


      • Chickee says:

        But, I just got this great new PC that cost me something like, oh let’s say a years pay. And do you know what it does? it turns itself off and back on at least once a night. Display driver blah blah blah BUT the screen flashes so quickly I don’t get a chance to see what they want me to do. So I deal with it. *sigh*

        My biggest problem with even trying a Mac long ago was compatibility issues. I played games that were no supported by Mac. I guess all that stuff is pretty much a thing of the past now though.

        I absolutely love my Netflix. I get one DVD at a time but have access to as many streaming movies as I want. My only problem is that new releases are not included in the streaming selection. Legal issues I guess. You aren’t the only Canadian I know who wants Netflix. I shall shoot them an email and mention it. i know it won’t do much but hey it can’t hurt.

        =) chica chickee


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